Friday, May 31, 2013

05.31.13 Early 4 a.m. bird gets the worm, sometimes....

..... or it gives you a chance to see this sunrise all by yourself with no one out on the water yet. Took a jab to see if those big first light fish would be on the bunker. Left the dock before 4 and got to the "spot" just before first light. Found the bunker, just not much going on in, on the outside, or underneath. Was joined by a few boats that went to work live lining and I didn't see anyone catch anything. Took a nice ride in the back looking for signs of anything on top but didn't spot a fish. 
     I am used to watching the private and charter fluke boats play leap frog but the bite must be slow because they are moving all over the place after one drift. It should be a real, real, real busy day on the water this weekend. Either get out early, or go late. Enjoy.