Thursday, May 16, 2013

05.16.13 It was a hard, but fun, days fishing.....


     We had fog, rain, bright and hot sun, wind, incoming and outgoing tides, swells, waves, and lots of white water....but couldn't find a fish to eat. The fishing has been great, the catching a little on the slow side. The water temps seem to have played a part in the slow week. We had a NE-E blow that seemed to last for weeks and then the wind changed and it dropped the hammer. Todays water felt like it was below 50 degrees, although it was coming in at 52.
     Vincent came down for a days charter and worked, and worked, and worked. He found a new friend in the double haul which helped when the wind started to blow. We put a pot-pourri of flies out there for them to sample but no takers. No doubt I'll see Vincent again down in these parts, and in my drift boat on the Upper Delaware.