Monday, May 27, 2013

05.27.13 Memorial Day micro bass on a beautiful morning......

November 15, 2012
      First, as you know, today is a day to pause, reflect and thank all those who died serving our country to defend the freedoms we all enjoy. I believe those that honorably served would appreciate the thoughts and prayers and parades and reflections we have in thanking them. They would also like to see us enjoying this day with family and friends, fishing, enjoying the outdoors, and just being free.

    Out just after sunrise at low tide and found a few fly fishers out working the available water off the beach and rocks. Tons of boats were out on the water surrounding and driving through the bunker schools that have reappeared off the shore. The ends of each groin were dotted with spin anglers throwing plugs or trebles looking to snag and drop the bunker. Boats came in tight, then wandered about. I didn't see anyone hooked up, except a guy that did snag and swim a bunker on the rocks I was on. I think his bunker turned to a skeleton before it got touched. I switched from a Deceiver over to a crab fly to see if I could find something with their nose pointed down or into the rocks looking for some small breakfast morsels. That didn't pan out for me.


     Al was out working the wash and I watched for a while wondering what he thinks about as he fishes. We're both fly fishing the same water at the same time. I'm 45, with five kids ranging from 7 to 27. I'm thinking about my trips this week, including Al and his sons on Saturday, and what last minute running around I might have to do with the kids schedules. Al, he's 89. His kids are grown, in fact they are older than me. He has a gaggle of grandkids. I wonder if he reflects on the thousands of days he has fished these waters. I wonder if the experiences of his 89 years of life pass through his mind as he casts and retrieves. Maybe he's just wondering when will the fish pass over the bar or into the slough and bite his fly.

     I met up with spin-converted-to-fly just about all the time Richie who intently fished the start of the incoming hard as we caught up on fishing, family, and plans of the day. He was rewarded for his work with a nice small bass that ate his Clouser just past the Sandy formed rock field off the groin. It's been slow on the surf. Not much for small baits around although I saw a few sheds on the beach as I walked.
With the bunker around and out of reach I think that coupled with lower water temps and lack of bait have kept the fish out a bit. They come in every day or so, but last week it was a few days of late afternoon blitzes that brought the cell phones and the crowds of anglers out.


     I look forward to getting out on the boat this week trying to get some of the bigger fish to bite on some fur and feathers.