Wednesday, May 1, 2013

05.01.13 The micro bass like the Pulse Disc.......

     Seems like a smaller group of fish have came in to eat. Went with the Pulse Disc out in front of a Clouser this morning on the incoming. It didn't take long to find a willing taker but it was a slow go after that. Later on another small bass grabbed the same offering on the outgoing tide. It was big water again today with a steady E wind on the incoming tide. It will be nice when the wind finally swings around. We need that, and some rain!

     The Pulse Disc was designed by Jim Matson from Brinefly Innovations. It gets tied in with a mono-loop-knot and creates a pulsating swimming fly that is very effective in the right situations. You can see more HERE.

     From Orvis. Today they announced the purchase of Scentific Anglers and Ross Reels. Both companies will continue to operate as they are currently and will be run by Jim LePage.

     The beaches along the Jersey Shore are abuzz with activity involving heavy machinery. Today this bulldozer was pushing sand into the ocean creating a very turbid south side of the groin.