Friday, May 3, 2013

05.03.13 Orvis NYC by day.....nice bass in the evening

     Had a great time as always at the Orvis NYC store. Thanks to Rob and the staff for the invite and helping with the set up. Had about 15 people sit in as I talked about the fly fishing the Upper Delaware. Tons of good questions and interest from people who have had the pleasure of fishing the Catskills, and from those that don't realize what they're getting into, as far as the addiction is concerned. 
     Coolest thing in the shop today, besides Rob of course, was the display and fly selection for the upcoming 17 year cicada hatch. I wouldn't want to be caught without one so I purchased a half a dozen to be on the safe side. If you want some give the shop a call and they'll send them out to you. The number is 212.867. 0212. In addition to the cicadas I picked up a half a dozen articulated Iso nymphs that I think will work well when retrieved through the water. If you're ever in NYC and near 5th Avenue and 45 Street the Orvis store is a must stop.    

     I got home just in time to rum down to the beach and catch the best part of the outgoing. Jumped up and the rocks and found lots of seaweed and kelp being pushed in with the wind and big waves. After cleaning Deceivers for about and hour I tied on a well worn Clouser and caught two in fishy looking water on the beach end of the groin. I'm glad I was able to get out as it was pretty as the sun set and I had the whole rocks and beach all to myself.