Wednesday, May 8, 2013

05.08.13 Fluke yesterday, weakfish today.....the bass remain elusive

        Got down around 6am and waited for the squall to pass before hitting the start of the outgoing. Great looking water as long as you weren't casting into the chocolate milk coming from the sewer drain outflows that are on every other beach. Lots of white over green water to hit. The forecast called for E winds at 5-8, but in reality they were more like 15-20 at times.
     Started out fishing the pocket in the bigger water before moving out with the tide. Had a big weakfish grab a chartreuse/black Deceiver on the 20th cast, then a long drought before a fluke lipped a Clouser on the rocks a town away. The bass have been absent for me over the last days, and I'm trying to figure out what's up. I haven't seen any bait or birds which is usually a good sign that food is around.
Saw a guys forum post that a keeper he filleted was loaded with sand fleas, aka mole crabs, so that's may be what's being served up.
     The new moon is tomorrow so there's anticipation for the herring to stage and move in to spawn so your favorite outflow near the tidal ponds may produce some fish.

     Glad that we got some rain which we need desperately. It you fish the Upper Delaware you know how low the water levels are and how pathetic the lack of releases are have been. Hopefully the rain will make its way up there and give the area a good and steady soaking.