Wednesday, May 15, 2013

05.15.13 Bottom of the ninth, two outs, 3-2 count.....

......and he gets a hold of one! Very late in a full days trip Greg from Colorado drifted the chartreuse and white Clouser just over the right spot. We'd spent the day casting into S- SE wind that blew steady from 15 with gusts to 25, all day. But we had a great day and he was rewarded for lots of hard work.
     Greg started out with an Orvis 11'6 ZG 8 wt spey rod that he picked up pretty quickly for his first time in the surf. We went over to an H2 9ft 10wt for most of the heavy lifting with the wind and the high tide. We jumped from groins, to the beach, to the inlet, to the river and back to the groins to finish the day. 

     The second high point was a slammer fluke that took the Clouser as drifted in between the rocks on the retrieve. Lucky for the fish it isn't May 18th yet! We fished all day, stopped for a good lunch at Frank's in Asbury Park and now Greg is ready to fish a striper tournament in Cape Cod this weekend.