Thursday, May 9, 2013

05.09.13 Quick a.m. session before heading to the Upper Delaware

     Fished with Richie this morning in some great looking water, but with a only a micro bass flipping off at the rocks for a good effort. Water looked nice with plenty of white water created towards high tide. It's fishy looking....but either not many fish are around or their just tight lipped. The fish are low, and sinking lines with Clousers taking the mixed bag of fish the last couple of days. Rich ordered the Orvis Depth Charge line last night which will help getting that fly down, and stay down, in the water column.
     Off to the Upper Delaware today for a trio of days of float trips. The Catskill region got rain, and that has helped bring up the flows a bit. We need that nice steady soaking rain, not the deluges we got across the northeast yesterday. As far as fishing in the rain- it's okay, the fish are already wet!