Monday, May 13, 2013

05.13.13 "Brooklyns in the house....."

     Today I had Dmitri down from Brooklyn looking for stripers off the rocks. We spent the morning in the W wind blowing from 12-22 mph. Funny thing is the winds were blowing east for about a month and we complained, but I wish they were back. Dmitri started out working his way on both sides of the end of the groin throwing an Orvis pattern called a Predator Pounder followed up by some Clousers and Deceivers. He worked hard and he went back and forth between his 11'6 rod and my Helios 2 with the Depth Charge line. As the morning turned to afternoon the winds picked up and changed from W to WNW so we changed our direction a bit and gave some new water a shot. The fishes mouths were welded shut, or, they just weren't around for brunch.