Thursday, May 2, 2013

05.02.13 Don't forget the bite leader.....

     Beautiful day down on the beach and the groins. Found lots of anglers, boats, bunker, bass, and the first Racer bluefish of the season. I also had Al out for the first time this spring in now his 90th year of life!


     Lots of great looking white water to fish on the incoming tide where a six-pack plus one of bass tucked in near the rocks took a chartreuse and white Deciever, until the bluefish got a hold of it. It's that time of year to keep some straight wire or tieable wire leader in your bag if the bluefish are around. The bass were a mixed bag of micro, schoolie, and keeper sized. I saw a fish fall to a clam and when it came up it had a half a tail, no doubt bitten off by some other predator. It looked keeper sized, if you could count the part that was missing. Had a camera malfunction today so I had to go with the trusty iPhone camera which worked in a pinch.

     Tomorrow is Orvis Days and I'll be at the Orvis NYC store doing a presentation on Fly Fishing the Upper Delaware. It starts at noon and bring your wallet as I'm sure Rob will have some kind of special for those that swing by the shop. Hope to see you there.