Sunday, May 5, 2013

05.05.13 Early morning bass in tough wind....

     Hit the rocks at 6 am with winds E-NE from 15 to 20. Fished the south sides as the north side was sloppy and the winds didn't help. Lots of nice white water on the other side where schoolie bass to 26" were tucked in the rocks taking Clousers. It was a beat your fly and leader up type morning as most of the fish were caught high-stickin' just past the rock fields off the groins. Long casts didn't produce, but "nymphing" the rips along the rocks did.
     I was surprised to see so many small boats out joining the head boats. They had a sporty ride out and up along the Jersey Shore. It looks like the winds that we've had will continue at least through mid week, then hopefully they'll swing around. It'll be nice to have the wind coming from a different direction for at least a little while.