Saturday, May 4, 2013

05.04.13 First a First Communion, then picked up the boat after a long winters nap.....

     Over the last four months I must have received over 15 calls to fish today May 4th. Early in November we were told at CCD that my daughter Erin's First Communion would be held today. There aren't to many good reasons to miss floating the Upper Delaware, (and getting paid!), then those milestones in your kids lives, like today. It was a great day and it was refreshing to see my daughter and the other kids excited and nervous about receiving Communion. Times have changed, we have changed, but those kids do have a way of keeping us grounded and refreshed with their un-biased and youthful approach to things. 

     On the fishing side of things, well, it was time to pick the boat up and get her uncovered and ready for a trip this week. Fishing has been good, real good, just about everywhere. This prolonged E-NE wind we've had has made both boating and walking and wading a little sporty, but the rewards for wet hard work are there. 

Give me a call to book a half day or full day boat trip. I can accommodate two fly anglers on my Jones Brothers 19'10 LT Cape Fisherman. My number is 732.261.7291 or