Tuesday, April 30, 2013

04.30.13 Schoolie bass after schoolie bass.....

     Great day, well sort of. Lost my keys when the button zippers of my Orvis Gale Force pack unzipped dropping them as I took a long walk to the water, then on a groin, then another, just before high tide. Next thing, we broke a rod. And the last, I got swamped by a wave at the top of the tide that swept me off my feet and deposited me headfirst in between the rocks. So as bad as that all sounds here's how it ended up. Keys, after a long search I found them 200 feet from car. Broken rod, it's an Orvis, and it's already on it's way back to Manchester. Swamped by the wave.....well that just plain hurt but I'm here to write about it.
     But it was a beautiful day. Fished the incoming to the top of the tide finding lots of schooies to 26" eager to take the fly. It was a great beginner fly rod charter type day. The fish ate, you didn't have to make hero casts to get to them, and there was no one around.

Now is a great time to come fishing along the Jersey Shore. If you are a freshwater angler or a new fly rodder and want to learn the salt come on down for a 4 hour or full day charter. We'll walk the beach and jump up on the rocks to find stripers lying in wait. I have all the gear and flies you'll need, just bring your waders, with studs or strap-ons with you, and we'll have a great day at the Jersey Shore. Call 732.261.7291