Thursday, April 18, 2013

04.18.13 Back up on the Delaware starting tomorrow

     After a long winter and time away from the Upper Delaware I'm heading up tomorrow to get the guiding season underway. My last float up there was in December and I have been waiting patiently for either the stripers to show them selves, which they did this week, or the third week of April to come.
     It was a busy week of working on the drift boat and getting my gear all ready, no doubt I will forget something. Painted the bottom, polished and waxed the sides, painted the wood floor, put in new rubber mats for the spike wearers, new carpets where carpets go, and replaced the anchor line.
     Things weather wise were looking good the last few days down here in Jersey, but it looks like we might get some cold and rain coming to the Catskills the next few days. Looking forward to seeing old friends and being part of a flotilla of boats Joe D put together to take the gang from Orvis Yonkers out on Saturday.