Tuesday, April 16, 2013

04.16.13 Found bait and birds, and bass on the fly out front...

     I started my day where I left off last night. Watching the coverage of the tragedy in Boston. My heart goes out to all those affected by the bombing. After seeing the story repeated over and over with no new developments I decided to take a break from it all and hit the beach to reflect, and wet a line. I think the only thing we can do for our fellow Americans is say a prayer and go on. This event will also have an impact on all of us as years to come. God bless Boston.

     It was peaceful and a beautiful day out on the beach. I continued to think of the events in Boston, and of last nights meeting in Loch Arbor....where steps for beach replenishment in "Jetty Country" moved forward. The birds were out diving on herring or bunker and as the tide entered hour three of the flood stage the fish showed up and ate. I was fishing for peace of mind, not for real. I had tied on a banged up old Clouser and made cast after cast, thinking that if I were really trying to catch a fish I would have picked the rivers or bay to increase my chances. After a move up the beach I hooked into a beautiful fish that was just under/over keeper size. I walked the fish back to the beach for a harmless and easy release. This year I am really trying to step up on my proper technique in releasing these stripers.
     So with this fish I picked it up out of the water, made the above image and tried to go down on one knee to get a shot of it in the water during the release. Well, as I kneeled I rolled over, met an incoming wave, and sank my camera and myself. I felt like I almost drowned in 2 feet of water. Luckily I had my Orvis Gale Force pack on, so everything else stayed dry.
     I will again have to send my Canon G-12, my favorite camera to carry when I take charters out or fish myself, back to Canon for a replacement. This one has served me well, but the saltwater visible inside the lens tells me it is done for good. No rice in a bag will save this one.