Wednesday, April 28, 2021

04.28.21 Alright one last try...

   All geared up and ready to go for the Graveyard Shift tonight. Why do the same thing every night and get the same results, and come back for more, stupidity. So I won't fish, or attempt to fish the high tide, been there, didn't do that. Hats off to the gang I fished with this week, all great anglers.

     Enough with the Andrew flies, and the Hollow's and the Bulkheads, for me, its just as easy to tie up some Snake Flys that look good in the water, and if I lose one I don't lose my lunch over it. 

     The 80 plus degree temps pushed the water up over 60 degrees during the high bright sunny day, no doubt they will be cooler tonight. Basically you can't catch fish, or learn, while sleeping so it will be what it is. Tonight I bring three sticks to the river, a 12 weight with 550 gr, an 11 weight with 350 and a 10 weight with a floating line for the popper. 

       In beachy news my bud Gerry found a nice bass during the day down south, the bluefish invasion, or rather bite has started in Ocean County, make sure you bring some wire with you as the bunker have been pushed up on the beach. The bluefish are late, which means you may just see them out front, or, if they go into the bays and rivers they'll chase the bass out front, a win either way.