Tuesday, April 13, 2021

04.13.21 Oh, the horror....

         Okay, so here's the kick myself in the face moment. Imagine, for a bunch of years, being away with a few of the best fly innovators and tyers there are, and not paying attention to them. Well that's me. Always focused on the fishing and not really on the tying. If I only looked up at their vices and not the tide and wind charts trying to figure out where to fish on that day, it would have served me well today. 

     So yesterday I donated another fly to the river and am determined to tie two a day to replace and replenish. In a flash I went down to the dungeon and tried one up before dinner. Now I know the finished product cant be judged until the fly is wet and dried, so I wasn't to hard on myself while it sat in the vice complete. 

    I wet it last night and put it to bed and when I woke up this is what it had morphed into...hideous looking mess, and it only got worse as I drove down to the river. Now in all fairness to myself, I didn't fish it yet, can't imagine why, but I will and if catches a striped bass then I know pretty flies aren't needed for these fish. My bets on nothing will hit it, and hopefully the only thing that will bite it is some rebar or concrete at the bottom of the river. 

     Yesterday the FedEx guy delivered my rod fresh back from Leif's desk where he replaced the tip and did some cork work on my H2 10 wt, my favorite rod. I have to get him the next project, my beloved H2 11wt, which is a beautiful rod for the river and boat, I love the extended forward cork grip. Which road will I break next?