Sunday, April 18, 2021

04.18.21 Here's a one of kind find for you bucktail processors....

     This is not for you're hobbyist fly tier. This was my friend Jim Matson's home made bucktail dryer and processor. I don't process my own tails, but this large drum has two sides, one side sealed  and one open to air. You load up your tails and turn the with and the motor does the rest. 

     Included in this are several large drying racks, which I can get photos of if anyone is interested. This is located in Pottstown PA and would need to be disassembled and transported away, no, shipping is not included. 

     This would greatly help out the production bucktail operation, give me a call to purchase. The price is $500, included are the racks. This won't last, I think. You couldn't design and build this if you wanted to, you're not the genius Jim was. Call 732 261 7291 or check it out on Facebook Marketplace, HERE