Friday, April 9, 2021

04.09.21 Scenes from the Raritan Bay.....

     Mmm. Striped bass are in a bad way right now. The fisheries management, the ASMFC, is a joke of a collection of human beings. Its a waste of time trying to get them to do the right thing. So in New Jersey we have a slot limit now, or are alleged to, along with the bonus tag program. Here's a recap on those regulations,

"The possession limit for striped bass/hybrid striped bass is one fish with a size limit of 28 inches to less than 38 inches total length. Anglers participating in the Striped Bass Bonus Program (SSBP) may possess a striped bass at 24 inches to less than 28 inches in length. FISH MAY BE HARVESTED IN ANY ORDER". The SSBP is open May 15-Dec 31. 

     So here's the joke of that SBBP, guy buys a bonus tag, $2, and has it in his possession. Goes out and fishes and catches some shorts, keeps the catch, doesn't get stop by Fish and Game, and keeps the fish and goes home and fries it up. 

     This post is about the two photos, the top posted by Frank R., on social media. That pic is recent and from the Raritan Bay, Jersey side. No doubt from one of the marinas were guys relocate their boat in the spring to get on the bass bite before returning to their home ports. Look at that pile of dead fish. And that is one day, in one marina, in one state.....C'mon guys!!

     And the below photo shows how wasteful we are with a resource. Look at the fillet job done on these bass. We have to do a better job, from the ASMFC down to the anglers on the water.