Tuesday, April 6, 2021

04.06.21 Nice evening on the D....

     Well we're back above 50 degrees, today hitting 52. I keep telling myself its just a matter of time. I'm not convinced its time to start chasing tides through the night yet, but that will be soon. High tides now are midnight and noon, and, lows at 6 and 6. I did get out twice today, AM patients in person, PM virtual. The AM session was just at high tide, and fished both sides of the river. Took a little chance and walked the pipe and didn't get a hit and lost my fly and the tip of my fly line. 

     Once home I did some repairs with some nail knots and Super Glue. I tripled up the knots so I don't lose any fish. This was my 300 grain line, a tad light if there's any kind of water in the river. The evening was low water, fished hard in my usual spot and then a later season spot that I was able to wade kind of way out into the river. Remember, if I go while fishing, I'll have had a smile on my face before I met my maker.