Thursday, April 8, 2021

04.08.21 East wind shut things down....

     After this mornings session it was a run home to log on for some virtual appointments with patients. After that, it was "Gone Fishing". Hit close first, and found the bass eager to hit the fly. Was able to use my "fish lift" net system, aka pier net, on a fiesta little guy that took a shot. Had one floating and saw one other swipe. Water temps in the Delaware today... like I said, lets hit 55 and 

see what happens, well its happening, or is starting to. You can see below the process of a quick lift, unhooking, and lowering back into the water, fish flipped off the net and swam away. 

     And the other spot, east wind, blowing debris right towards angler on the incoming. You had to time your cast in order to get the fly down uninterrupted. The bite was slow, real slow. I somehow was the high hand landing 4, and dropping a lousy and losing an Andrew Fly in the process. All in all a good day, catching fish, having a sore arm and elbow, getting McDonald's on the way home, and just waiting for things to get going and start the graveyard shift in the hunt for bigger fish.