Sunday, April 11, 2021

04.11.21 Been slow, but we're almost there....

    Believe me, I'm proud of it and I'll take it. Fished through the weekend, just about every kind of tide, and from sun up till sundown. Haven't done the third shift as of yet. So I have been saying we need to get above 50 and we need a good rain, bump up the river a bit. Well today it did both. It wasn't the-mud-off-color that I hope doesn't come, but it was the city outflow flush that brought garbage, including a basketball, down the river. It, well, kinda turned things on, landed one, missed three, including a decent one I saw turn on it as I looked at a jet boat barreling up river. 

     In other good news, the herring are here. I know some sharpie will tell you they've been here for a month, but today the cormorants were sliding back and forth the river and diving and I saw one come up with a herring. So that's good. I still don't think the god fish, from the returning males to the big females have arrived. Now I know someone will tell you they're at Easton already, but I'm talking about fish born and bred here, the ones that come and stick. 

     For fly fishing this river this is the kind of leaning post you need to find. Without, hopefully not me, would take the 15 foot plunge into the water and then swim like hell to the shore. The waders and stripping basket won't help with that, and I need to switch over to some river shoes so I have a chance at survival. 

     And on a real cool note today I met Billy Martin, no, not the ex-Yankees skipper, but a fan and friend of this blog for sometime. He had shared with me that he had a fly rod that he would like to find a good home for. Its a Sage 8'6" 4 weight which is perfect for other waters around here when the Delaware isn't holding river monsters. The Sage GFL product line was one of the originals and was offered from 1980-1987, that means this rod could be 40 years old! In addition he had some things from his friends fly fishing vest that he also gave me. It was cool to see some throwback stuff, including an old Orvis hook sharpener, 

leaders, and a package of Bobber Stops. Included was a tool, called the Cinchie. This one is a vintage one but I looked up online and Cabelas sells them today, and claims they can help tie 14 different knots. I should put this thing to use. Thanks Billy, it was a pleasure.