Tuesday, April 27, 2021

04.27.21 How about that moon?

     Sometimes you just need too meet at that intersection. Its one of those six point intersections, moon, tide, temperature, time, bait and fish. Well those six all came together last night. Not for me, but for the quad of anglers I fished near. I returned to a spot I fished about three weeks ago. It was a nice night as the wind laid down and the night nice for late spring. Water temps are holding nicely and there hasn't been a big spike, but it may come this week. There's no water around to begin with and the lower moon tides and 85 degree days will heat things up. 

     Before heading north I did some scouting at home during the day on the low tide. I drove some walked the bridges some and put some notes in my head about other places to fish, the structure, and where the water holds.