Monday, October 22, 2018

12.22.18 Well that sucked........

     Hate a plan doesn't come together. So yesterday the wind was honking from the NW. The bay had rollers and was off color. I saw that around 8 this morning the wind was supposed to die down an it was the outgoing tide which I thought would give me a window.......
.....forget it. 
      Got wet getting out, there was a tug towing som ling 1/2 mile thing at the tip of the hook, not that I saw a bird anywhere near there, and then found peace running down the beach. My anticipation was high and got higher as I got closer.......and when I got there there was nothing. But at least it was protected from the wind. 

     So I had this bright plan of a wide triangle that I would cover if it wasn't too bad out. Dumb me I decided to do it anyway. Let me say this if you don't know it, land and trees do block the wind. When I got to the wide expanse where the two states are separated by two channels is was a long, rocky and wet ride. I hitchhiked behind a tanker to close to a very big bridge. By then I was frozen.
     I found some birds and fished for about 30 minutes and didn't see any fish or mark them either. I made my way upstream and looked for life and there wasn't any and it didn't matter because I was done. I thought that maybe today I might find that first good day of it going off but I didn't. If you read this blog since the beginning than you might remember THIS
     Its chaos time at the marina. They are pulling the big boats and sails and they jump us little guys around as needed. I will be there until December 15th so if you want to book a boat trip do it now as my availability is somewhat tight. For the beach preferers thats a great option when the window you have is small. I love the 5 to 9am shift on the sand. 732 261 7291. And check-out the website for details HERE