Thursday, October 11, 2018

10.10.18 While you were sleeping....

     I still had some fishing in me and decided to catch the top of the tide out front. Nice looking water, enough light around to not feel like your fishing in total darkness, and the hope that some bigger fish come out at night.......well not yet.

     First cast and there was action. It was the shred the back end of your Snake Fly action. And while I went "tight" several times I never hooked one of those pesty fish. I lasted about an hour and packed it in without. bass. 

     I checked out the rivers next but had to wait for the tide to get right. I stopped at three different spots and on my last had the tide, the bait and the bass all lined up. The only problem was trying to get a good cast east-west and not always north-south. 

     The bass were blowing up on spearing, and although they may look like snd eels in the top picture, they are not. I was back by 1 am and when I walked into the apartment I could see my wife was up and could tell but that look like...."Really?".