Tuesday, October 2, 2018

10.01.18 Found a sweet rip to share....

     While down south the other day I found a fishy looking stretch that is worthy of sharing. Not the exact spot, but things to look for when fishing. Remember predators like striped bass and fluke are ambush. Finding good moving water like a rip is a great place for them to set up and wait for bait to get caught up in.

    If you start from beach scarp and out we can see a few things. Nice white water right at the edge where the beach scarp meets the beach side of the trough. Then you see how the water on the left and then the right are both moving toward the middle where the rip forms. Lastly, even though its low tide, waves still break on the outer bar, but there aren't any where the arrows point to. It's deeper there   so the waves aren't breaking due to the change in structure.

     Look for these things when you are out scouting on all tides and you will improve your fishing and catching when you go.

     Hearing the allies and bass are starting to show up. Hitting the boat tomorrow and Friday is open fo a full or half day. Two anglers for a full day $600 with lunch and non-alcoholic drinks included or $400 for the morning or afternoon. 732 261 7291 call or text