Monday, October 29, 2018

10.29.18 A few days after the blow....

     Stopped by the beach before clinical this morning. Could have fished for 45 minutes but it just wasn't looking good. Swells, surfers, chocolate milk. No sign of bait or birds. It needs a tide or two to clear things up out front.

Capt. John McMurray from Facebook
      Capt John McMurray from One More Cast charters found the schoolies this morning so at least we know there's some fish, somewhere. Guys are telling me to relax with the skepticism, "there's a lot of fish on the way.....". I sure hope so.

     On Facebook I saw this picture from Jeff Nicole showing an older picture of the seine netting that occurred, and still does somewhat, on the eastern of Long Island. Looks at the size of those bass in the nets....hundreds of them. Looks like a present day head boat from the Captree fleet when they get on them.

Jeff Nichols from Facebook
     I hear not too worry. Boats are reporting "huge schools of bass" as they come in from bluefin fishing, and the same thing still from Newport and Montauk. Hopefully we'll see something soon.