Friday, October 5, 2018

10.05.18 Finally felt like fall on the beach......

    My client for todays boat trip decided to re-schedule after looking at the wind forecast. Not that it couldn't have been done, it just wasn't the way he wanted to spend the full day. That most likely, and not all that bad, means we will be targeting bass rather than albies when we go out.

     So I hit the beach early and found conditions to be very fall like and to my liking. An hour into the outgoing, NE winds 15-22, and strong waves with a tough sweep. I started in the dark and didn't have a touch until sun came up over an hour later. Found bass chasing bait up and down the trough mostly tucked in on the south sides of the rocks.

      This type of weather gets things moving and although it was comfortable out there a little chill in the air wouldn't hurt either. Once things shut down I ran up to Raritan Bay and just found pods of peanuts swimming untouched. It would be nice to have a blow for the next few days and then have wind go west for a bit.

     This weekends tides, especially tomorrow are looking good for anglers hitting the beach. Snake Flys for the mullet and epoxies for the rain bait should have you covered.