Tuesday, October 9, 2018

10.08.18 Thats it.....not more leaks!!!!

       So after many years and many waders, mostly Orvis, I have made the choice and the investment to go with Simms. This week I busted out my new pair of G3 bootfoot with felt bottom waders. I had a container of Orvis Posi-Grip studs for felt bottom boots and after sizing them up, so they wouldn't dig in to much, I screwed six into each boot bottom.

 I did some looking back into my old Orvis orders and see that I purchased my latest Orvis Endura bootfoots on June 5, 2018 shortly before my Martha's Vineyard trip. And while on the island they soon started to leak. This week I will send them back and get whatever they will give me towards something else. I'm busting them out tomorrow so we'll see......