Sunday, October 7, 2018

10.07.18 Have to protect yourself when throwing flies......

     The other day Capt Jim Levison posted this picture from a recent trip while guiding out on Montauk. This time of yer the albies are around and that means throwing tiny flies in a hurry usually in windy or, if in a boat, rocky conditions. 

     For the beach or boat guy wind can either hurt or help you. Wind coming from your dominant casting hand can either have the fly whipping into face on the backcast or eating dragged into your skull on the forward cast. Sometimes what happens is the line wraps around your head and then the fly eventually finds flesh, like in this guys eye lid. 

     After a successful trip to Southhampton Hospital the fly was removed without damage to the eye. While I try and be safe I tend only to were sun glasses when needed or cheaters when I'm tying a leader or fly. I have had these general safety glasses on my boat and after seeing these pictures I realize I should start protecting my eyes when on the boat or beach.