Thursday, October 11, 2018

10.11.18 Don't know if I have ever seen this much tiny bait.....

     Went out for a bit at a usual haunt and didn't see any bait, birds, or bass, or even blues for that matter. Took a ride to scout some other spots I like to fish in the fall and after a few casts at each I lost interest.

    Wanted to see one more spot and as I approached I saw birds tight up on the beach for miles. They were 20 feet up on the sand and 20 feet out. I didn't see any fish breaking underneath them as I watched and waited.

     I found a group of guys set up in a nice spot that I usually like to fish alone. Soon one guy was hooked up to an albie blind casting metal. The other guy a bass. I found a bass but it came unbuttoned at the lip.

     In the top picture you can see the dark cloud of bay anchovies, and relive me, it went on for miles. I don't know why the birds would even bother flying around, although they have to do is walk the scarp for all the white bait they could ask for.