Wednesday, October 17, 2018

10.17.18 Wow!!!!.....

Rain bait
     So tomorrow I have a huge midterm exam......huge. I have been studying and listening to audio tapes to increase my knowledge depressive and anxiety disorder. This program is causing me both. I decided to take a break from the books and pipe the audio tapes through my pick-up and take a ride to the beach. Shortly after I arrived I found birds over bass on the rain bait. There were all out blitzes of mostly bass with some bluefish in the mix. 

     While it would be easy, and funny, to run and try and get them while they were practically on the beach we knew in time that they would blow up in front of us. The us is Charlie, another fly rodder who always seems to find the fish. If you look at the picture below you can see the bass patrolling the wash looking for rain bait to their port side. It was like sight fishing in the Vineyard again.

On patrol
     While I left Charlie to do the catching I couldn't help but just enjoy watching and trying to make some good images of the action. Taking pictures and trying to fly fish at the same time would be like having a spinning rod in one hand and a fly rod in the other. There were a few spin rod guys there and did get some, but today was a fly rodders paradise. Tiny flies 1/2" to 2" were the ticket.

     I did stop looking and shooting long enough to make a cast five feet into the water and got one and that was good enough. There were bigger fish in the mix and Charlie had what he thought was a 20 pounder follow his fly in. The bite died on the tide and I had to get the girls from school and get back to studying.

     It was good seeing a handful local fly rod guys there and I hope they had them again after I left. This temperature and pressure changes will do the fishing good. Lots of bait moving and yet to move. My prediction......a little flurry here with smaller bass, followed by some more weather, another lull in the action......and then mayhem hits. Maybe it'll be another Blitz-o-ween like in 2014, a day I'll never forget.