Wednesday, October 24, 2018

10.24.18 This was the place to be today.....

        Well today sucked, just like the other day, at least for me. I found this boat off a popular resort town on the albies. The albies were up and down the coast here and there and in a line about 1/4 mile off. One time at a beach club they came in for about 20 seconds. It was a long, long day. 10 hours....

    The wind was good at times, honking at others, NW and then more N it seemed. Saw some bait here and there happily swimming along except for the bait that was in that boat line. I started south, then north, then in, then out, then more north, then south, then north again, then south, and then done.

     Out front was dead. The bay was dead. It was all dead. I bumped into the same guys like 10 times today as everyone is in the drive-look mode rather than drive-fish. I saw more guys waiting than fishing. I fished a lot and couldn't get a bite. I did find one nice bar with two bowls on either side of

it that I hope to fish again soon when the bait moves and the fish show up. With the full moon the lows were low so it was a good day to scout spots. One fish would have made it a tad better, or even a shot at some fish passing by. This weekend looks like were going to get a Nor-easter that rolls in Friday night and then cranks Saturday and Sunday. Friday looks like the calm before the storm and I hope that gets things churned up and started. Water temps out from 61.5 today and in the 50's in the is time. Let's go already.

PS- Gannets diving all afternoon up north.....herring? Keep a look-alike-fly in your pocket!