Friday, October 12, 2018

10.12.18 Love when a plan comes together......

     Last night I was back and forth texting a friend. We were wondering how Hurricane Michael would affect conditions around here. The wind was forecast to go NW bringing cooler temps and hopefully getting things going. There was a chance of overnight rain and that should have blown through by morning. 

     At 3 am I awoke to the blaring beep from my iPhone telling me there is a flash flood warning in effect. I got up and looked over the Molly Pitcher in from the 4th floor balcony and saw the wind and driving rain...

     I tossed and turned until 445 and got up and didn't want to meet my buddy who said he was going. A quick look at some intel had the pressure dropping and general fishing conditions "poor" and the wind from the N at 26-37 mph. Those are my favorite conditions so it was game on. 

     It was about an hour into the flood tide, the rain had stopped and I was below whatever NW wind was was perfect but I needed to find or wait for some water, and fish, to come in. It was a black and purple Deceiver that I tied on and did the trick. 

     It was a mix of bass from micro to keeper sized and one bluefish all taken in the corners by the rocks, both the north and south sides. It was clean and green but as the waves came over the bar the surf started to show debris so longer casts were needed.

     This was just what I needed, a good solid plan, great conditions at least for an hour or two, and bigger sized fish that get you quickly into your backing as soon as you hook up.

Hope fully this is the start to some good fall fishing.