Sunday, October 28, 2018

10.28.18 Nice score at the estate sale.....

     Spending the weekend after the blow in Lambertville. Fall colors are in effect although it was mostly overcast and drizzling. On the way home from Church found an estate sale in Lambertville. It was day 2 of the sale which means its been picked through pretty good. This sale had a sale- 50% off the marked price. 

     I walked in to the nice row house and made my way to the basement. I found a familiar item- an epoxy fly dryer. Guy didn't know what it was....$2. Then Theresa found an original copy of Bob's book- PopFleye's.......$1. And tenth mother load. Columbia long sleeve fishing size.......$1 each.

     I did some research on the dryer and found it is made by NuWave Tackle and it goes for $90. That was a steal. If your in for the market HERE is the link.