Tuesday, May 4, 2021

05.04.21 Creepin' while you were sleepin'.....

     On Saturday Theresa and I jetted down to Cape May for a work party at our place there. Its opened up for the season and closes November 1st. Cleaning, painting, and digging a French drain, well a moat, before we get tons of new white stones for the lot. It was exhausting but felt good as there was no disasters found after winter. 

     We did get to drive over to the Delaware Bar (above) and see the expansive flat on low tide. We also walked the Cape May beach and walked out on the groin, with the warning, "High Risk Area Keep Off". It wasn't a fishing trip so I didn't even bring the fly rods. 

     But after unpacking late Monday it was time to plan some fishing before work on Tuesday, that meant up at 245 AM and on the river catching the last of the outgoing tide. The river bumped up a bit, and the post new moon didnt show the low and high tides like last week. I couldn't get where I wanted, never got into the real feel of it. Had three rods, from intermediate down to 450 gr, and in the end lost three flies, but kept the Double Barrel Popper. 

     I jumped to four spots and on the last turned around and fished a little channel that ran along the bank, I knew something would be home. It looked like a staging area for herring so I hoped a nice 30 inch bass would be lying in wait. I managed a small smallie before calling it quits. 

     One th way home scouted a few spots and, yep, lost another fly in the timber field. Its a spot with revisiting, this time with the waders and a full arsenal of flies ready to donate to the river. We are now entering the late-spring phase on the Delaware. Not sure if those big females spawned as of yet, waters temps still below 65, and unsure if the smaller fish have pushed up and in yet looking to eat before heading to out front to the beach. The topwater bite, for me, hasn't started yet, but I'll keep that rod loaded on each outing.