Monday, May 10, 2021

05.10.21 A bass a day....

 ....keeps everything away. Brisk morning starting out there. Can't believe that no one has been fishing. Saw one guide boat out there running away to spots on the dropping tide. Water fowl and their babies scanning the surface for bugs and a few cormorants on the hunt for herring. One and done morning which I'll take any day.

     Water temps continue to drop, not what we would expect this time of year. Basically its a rush to fish before they are chased back to the ocean or seek a more comfortable thermal refuge. Bass fishing is starting to pick up out front, as Ocean County seems to be giving up migratory larger bass on a mix of boat and artificials. The fun thing about fishing out front this month is you never know. You might run into a school of smaller fish, the blues may pop in, or that large bass may be passing by and stop for a meal of bunker, crabs, or smaller bait. 

     Off to the Lone Star state tomorrow till the weekend so it'll be a nice break from fishing and work. Soon it'll be time for the drive-of-shame down 195 to hit the salt water.