Sunday, May 9, 2021

05.09.21 Seriously...

      Went back at it on the bigger tide. Raining. Off color. Must be the small fish invasion they speak of. I'm not ready to go down to a 7 wt just yet. If you do some research on past catchings there is still a lot of season of good fish still left. I'm over the thought of big fish, and hope to find those 26-32" bass that hang into late spring. There's another month, or so I've heard of good bass fishing. 

     The below fish was caught on May 13th of last year by my little buddy. So if history repeats itself maybe there'll be another chance at some solid school bass. Water temps have dropped, really

dropped with all this rain we're having, which is good for the river and the fish, but it might slow them in their tracks a bit. Your talking a 8 degree swing in five days. Now I have to get to the vice and tie some flies, and maybe even one of those Ugly ones.