Thursday, May 6, 2021

05.06.21 Couldn't go a day with donating....

     Before work early morning outing on the dead low. River bumped up a bit now running over 20,000 cfs. I feel like I'm watching flows like I used to when I guided on the Upper Delaware. With the bump I was unable to get to "that rock" or spot and fish where I have been accustomed to. Water was bit stained, which I thought would be good. 

     When I got to spot #2 I was greeted by what may be the right bait, emerald shiners. May I should tie one of those on. Fished the elevation changes and of course lost yet another fly. Par for the course. After yesterdays post I got a text from someone in the know, "He said they haven't spawned yet", and has been having good outings, mostly with bait, a tad south of me. 

      I have to rethink my strategy. Smaller flies, not sinking lines, only in the dark? Not sure. But if they are here, any of them, something should be coming to hand. Last year this week the smaller 

bass invaded these waters and I dropped down to the Hydros 7 weight from then on. This year I still think I can be in the hunt for bigger bass, schoolie to over keeper sized. If the big fish have traveled up past me to spawn, then they have to drop back, before heading out to sea. Waters temps today 60 degrees, so good there, the rain helped that.