Thursday, May 20, 2021

05.20.21 Two rivers, no bass...


     Had to head back to Monmouth County last evening and heard of a decent bite in the Navesink the last week or so, so I gave it a shot on the outgoing until dark. Threw my arm out throwing a popper and then a Hollow Fleye. Only managed a few swirls on the fly with no one committing. It wasn't the drive of shame as I had to head home anyway. 

     Since I didnt get back until 1030 I figured I would be pressing my luck by going this morning, so I wasn't. But, my alarm was set and it went off at 430 am...gotta go. I had all three spots to myself this morning, which really proved to be key....well not really. I fished a mix of rapids and big slow 

water with the same results, nothing, but all was not lost. I got to check out some new spots and watch prehistoric giant sized carp doing their mating thing all around me. I will be targeting those brutes as the water warms and gets a little skinnier. Besides carp for the summer months, there's bowfin and snakeheads also around, two species I never caught on the flyrod. 

     With this hot spell the river has bumped up in temperature, hitting 68 yesterday. Not bad if the tempos hold, a week of 80 plus degree air temps without rain doesn't do the fish or the river good. Looking forward to a change of scenery and can't wait until the beaches start to produce, that should be in the next two weeks. Also, its time to get the boat out of hibernation. This spring I was really concentrating on the Delaware. I could have launched the boat, but my preference is always to wade, and the challenges and limitations that it brings, especially out here.