Friday, May 7, 2021

05.07.21 This is what we needed...

     Well I asked for it and we got it. I had been saying how low the water has been in the river. We had a good day of rain, and it must have hit north pretty good, because yesterday it crested at over 30,000 ifs. I fished the high to outgoing tide casting between the timber, 55 gallon drums, and garbage that floated down the river. 

     Believe it or not I had a hit. Not one of those I think I had a tap, but a good strike and a misses hook set. I found a nice seam even in the bigger water and pounded it, and it got better as the water left on the 9 foot outgoing tide. Even though of color and high, I had confidence that I might get one, and if was able to stay for another hour my chances may have been better.