Thursday, October 31, 2013

10.31.13 Beauty and the Beast on this Halloween...


Happy Halloween!

No question which one is the Beauty....

     After a quick first light scout and then getting my "mermaid" off to school I took a ride back down to the beach to see if anything was going on during the end of the ebb. A few flurries of birds off the ends of the groins was it. Didn't see any fish under them, nor pushing bait, bait that I didn't see, around in the pockets or troughs.
     My daughter didn't think I'd wear my costume down while fishing, well I did, but the plastic "hands" made it difficult to cast and strip. Saw a few guys, some thought it was funny, I'm sure others thought I was an idiot. Both probably right.

Hey, you're never too old to have a little fun on Halloween.

As far as it "going off" on Halloween, the start to many anglers fall season, better hope it's a night bite.