Tuesday, October 8, 2013

10.08.13 Nice morning following the blow.....and a few pics confirming why I hate beach nourishment

     After yesterdays southern blow I expected the water to be dirty, the surf big, and the predicted north-northeast wind to be honking. Check out the top picture. Water crystal clear, nearly flat surf, slight northwest wind. It was nice to come out of the house at 5 am and have a little chill in the air.

     The bass were eating and swirling behind....mullet! Thought that run was pretty much done but found the bait along four towns as I scouted over four hours. Early on it was nice bass on sand eels in the waves just before the wash.

     As the morning went on the wind shifted to the north and picked up to 15-20. We should see if goes northeast which should bring in some nice surf, and the bass, the baits here, we saw it this morning and the last few days.


     Below are a few pics from the recently completed beach nourishment done in Monmouth Beach. This is behind the condos between the beach clubs. Already the beach is getting eaten away by Mother Nature...duh!
     You have to watch the drop off that has been created along Sea Bright and Monmouth Beach. In places it is a six foot drop off! Not only can you bust your ass but you could also drown if you get caught below the beach elevation and get swamped on an incoming tide or a rouge wave. Guys get down, walk the beach, and then need to find a place to climb back out. Be careful!