Monday, October 14, 2013

10.14.13 Nice to find some life on the screen and small bass and blues eating


     With the blow subsiding and the rivers recently looking good and producing fish it was time for a scout. Tough last week to be a guide - but it's time to get back on the water. Hit the river and and positioned myself to hit three spots, different times, different tides. Didn't see much for bait on top and no signs of the fish either. Luckily the electronics helped to find the fish and the bait and after a few drifts it was a trio of bass taking a racoon Snake Fly that I tied up last night. I put some weighted eyes


on it, kind of like a Slab Fly, to toss out front early this morning. It worked just as well out back as the drift occurred while the tide was moving.
     My second stop produced a bluefish only and the screen was quiet, which is a change because there has been good bass numbers to 20 pounds hanging at that spot. They must have moved with the bait. Which must be dying to swing out front.

     Conditions out front this morning were surprisingly "okay". The wind died down to a nice 10-15 and the surf calmed a bit, even though it was a light Yoo-Hoo color. Found some fishy and fishable water but didn't manage a bite. Recently bucktailers have been doing well, and I am sure any clammers out today landed a few fish.

     But what was the biggest surprise today, not the dying blow, not the screen full of life, or the fish that were landed, but the amount of sand that has been taken out to sea by Mother Nature. The north sides of the groins are going to be HOT! At some places we have lost up to five feet of sand. You will have to re-learn your favorite spots on the different tides, and in some places, figure out new ways to get there on certain big tides.
     The sand along the groin below used to go up about 3/4 of the way. Wait till there's water and peanuts and bass......oh my!