Sunday, October 13, 2013

10.13.13 Back on the beach after a day off....

     With trips yesterday and today cancelled due to the Nor'easter I had some time to scout around and fish. Yesterday was a college visit day with son. We visited Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh. Five hours there (at 230 in the morning) and five and half hours back. Last night I did hit the rivers and didn't land a fish in the honking wind but did have bass or blues blow up close chasing bunker.
     This morning I went back to the river and fished with some company and between my flies, others bucktails, swimmers, and poppers not a fish was caught. I headed to the beach and found this #90 buoy perched on top of the rocks at Allenhurst. It washed up the other day but it was my first time getting down there to see it. When I got home I looked up a # 90 buoy in the Coast Guard Light List and found a listing for the Hereford Inlet Light down in North Wildwood, but I'm not sure that's where it's from. I am going to research it further.

     Out front the wink is still blowing and the water off color, but lots of white water and fishy looking. Talking with a few guys there has been a pick of fish for those anglers using bucktails. Gus got a keeper and a short this morning.
     Things should turn on as the blow end and the wind shifts. It's looking pretty blow-ey for another day but could slow down to 10-15 tomorrow evening. There were good fish in the back on bait, but the last couple of days things have slowed down, and the bite seems to have picked up a bit out front.

I can't wait to get back to work and get those trips re- scheduled and the bite to start so the phone will ring. I also can't wait to see the new structure on the beaches and along the groins, and how much of that "beach nourishment" sand is back in the ocean.