Wednesday, October 9, 2013

10.09.13 Hit the mid ebb tide but the big wind also....

     After the Atlantic Saltwater Fly Rodders meeting and a presentation by fly guide and tyer Marla Blair I gave some late night fly fishing a shot. As predicted the wind turned and went NNE from 20-25.
     I went with the H2 11 weight with the 350 grain Depth Charge line. I found a nice spot and fished the south side as the tide dropped rapidly from ebb hour 3-4. Fishing the north side was out of the question between the big wind and surf. I fished a larger sized black Snake Fly and didn't get a bite but did a nice hook set on a plastic bag that I thought was a fish.

It's gonna be sporty out there the next few days, might be the time to check on things in the back.