Monday, October 28, 2013

10.28.13 Quick run out front produces a nice trio of bass.....

     With no clients available for a days fishing I took a solo run out front to check on conditions. Everyone is waiting for the big "collision" of bass on the bait, with birds overhead. Found lots of birds working over the bait and some bass spread throughout the water column.
     I got out at noon and was done fishing by 2 o'clock. I started with a Snake Fly but quickly switched over to a sand eel pattern that fooled three keeper sized bass to 33 inches. It was a run and gun day, but a set up and drift into the fish day, kind of like a Delaware float trip day.
     It was a beautiful day out there with the air temps up and the winds down. Lots of anglers are getting nervous that it's "over" before it ever started, or the fish are "out" and wish pass us by. You know what, "who knows"? All you can do is go out and enjoy the day and hope that your fly will fool any fish, or fishes, that are there.