Monday, October 7, 2013

10.07.13 Fly fishing and a shore lunch with a south wind at 30


     With south winds blowing from 25-30 mph it was time to break out the H2 11 weight and the 350 grain Depth Charge line. This combination works great especially when reverse casting. The long grip on the 11 weight allows you to grip further up the rod, perfect when casting towards the beach and flipping back into the surf.
    We fished the end of the outgoing and had lots of white water to cast into. Richie had a fish on for a minute but nothing grabbed my slightly over sized sand eel pattern.




     After walking the beach and a slight workout we broke for a shore lunch. We jumped up on the rocks because the sand was blowing down the beach from the south. I broke out some Delaware Delicacies that I scored from Ray Turner during our weekend in Roscoe. We had smoked trout, eel, and mozzarella and wheat thins....the only thing we needed was a few cold ones.

     As we ate we watched as a small boat struggled in the big water as it headed south. Hopefully it will be going to the Shark River and no further. There was nothing to criticize or joke about, we knew whoever was on board must have been nervous and in a bad way. Hope they made it home safely.