Friday, October 4, 2013

10.04.13 Great day at Orvis NYC....

     Fall Orvis Days are in full effect. Today I tried to follow Joe Demalderis' Delaware and Andros great presentation that he gave yesterday. We had a great crowd of new and experienced anglers who came out to hear my talk about fly fishing for stripers on the Jersey Shore. It's always great visiting and presenting at the store. I get to see Rob and his staff, try things on for size, and usually pick up a thing or two.

     The shop looked great and even better that they broke out the fall foliage decorations that give the store a nice warm and fuzzy Vermont feeling.


     I especially liked the repro striper mount up on the wall above the leader and tippet display.

 I was surprised to see a "Striper Lure Kit", spinning rods, plugs, poppers, pencils, swim shads, bucktails, swimmers and Bombers in the store. But hey, if you can't get it done with the fly can get your backup plan spinning rod and lures from Orvis. A good backup plan can save the day......... just not on my boat!


 I picked up several flies including these small poppers which will work great popping in the early morning when the bass are on small baits and a regular sized Banger or Slider are just too big.

      I thought one of the highlights was finding this Halal food truck located near the NYC Public Library. I used to eat Halal twice a shift when I was a photographer for The New York Post. I usually hit the truck at 6th Ave and 53rd Street. Sometimes the line was down and around the block. But, admittedly, I am out of my Halal "game".
     I ordered the "Lamb over Rice" and grabbed a seat and table in front of the library. I tried to eat to slow, but that's not the way I eat Halal. But I should have slowed down a bit.
     After I ate I retrieved my car ($ 50 bucks for parking for 4 hours) and headed down 7th Ave. I was about at the Holland Tunnel when, lets say, my Halal wanted out. Luckily I still had the bag and what was left in the car.
     I passed up on getting a pretzel because I wanted a healthy lunch, Halal wasn't the answer, next time I'll get the pretzel, minus the salt, that will keep my cardiologist happy.