Monday, October 7, 2013

10.07.13 Just some thoughts on fishing this week.....

     If you are lick me then you like fishing big surf and big wind. I think a part of me likes the challenge, frustration, and "danger" that comes fishing in snotty weather. Defeat is common, but the victory is very sweet.

     We are coming off a new moon and are in a waxing crescent moon phase- on our way to a full moon. The next full moon will be October 18th. Put some stiff wind and some nasty weather along with these new and full moon tides and it can sporty out there. For boaters planning a trip starts with watching weather reports from different sources, one being NOAA, you can see one that I check HERE, and Windfinder, HERE. Both of these can be used for the surf fisherman also.

The weather for this week is calling for some nasty weather. Big winds from the south, then the north, and then the northeast will be around through next week. Looks like it's steady 15-20 with gusts 25-30 at times. Today there is a hurricane warning for the area.

     Today low tide was at 302 am and when I got on the water at 5 it had really started to flood, but was fishable and manageable on the rocks and along the beach. Over the next few hours conditions changed rapidly. Remember on the moon tides that the tidal range - low and high tide heights - are higher than nromal. Todays tidal range along the Jersey Shore was +/- 5 feet sis inches.

Here are just a few things I keep in mind when fishing big wind, surf, and tides-

- Know your tides. The route you took early, the rocks or beach, may not be available or safe when you decide to leave.

- Know the weather forecast. It may be okay when you get out but know what might be coming.

- Don't swing the lightning rods around when thunder and lightning are near.

- Don't fish alone. If you don't have your best bud with you at least be near someone else.

- Carry a whistle and a cell phone.

- The five more feet you move closer to the beach or end of the rocks isn't really going to make a difference, but might get you hurt.

- Wear eye protection. Casting in big wind, or high waves, can have your fly traveling close to your head. Protect your eyes - you only have two.

- Know where and how you will land your fish. It's more tricky when everything is big.

- Use at least an intermediate or sinking lines and make shorter casts. This week I'll be going with the Orvis H2 11 weight off the beach and rocks.

- Fish "parallel" to the beach. There's plenty of water at your feet and it's easier to mend over the waves.

- Wear good traction boots, waders, shoes. Everything will be wet and slippery.

- Don't forget a wading belt and this is the time to go to short boots and a bib. Waders fill up fast with water if you go in.

- Use the wind to your casting advantage and be prepared to reverse cast or cast over your opposite shoulder. Lines and flies blown into you will get you hurt.

- Fish where you can fish effectively. If that means 20 foot casts in the pocket than do it. Fish it right and fish it well. Hero casts our far straight off the beach or rocks will lead to poor line management and inefficient fishing.

- Be smart!

And have fun.